UMM Mission Splitter

UMM Mission Splitter

UMM provides functionality to automatically split a path into missions. This is just an option to make banner creation easier. The splitter currently allows for a single path of portals to be split into any number of missions, suggesting the planned banner length from the Banner Details info.

Explanation of each option in the dialog above:

Split options

  • Require a minimum of 6 portals for each mission after spit.
  • Use last mission... to create a continuous path, which should be combined with a passphrase or one of the non-hack actions in order to avoid waiting time.

Total number of portals

  • Split the portals over a set number of missions (UMM calculates the number of portals per mission).
  • Split the portals using a defined number of portals per mission (UMM calculates the number of missions).

How to divide the remaining x portals

  • Balanced will divide any remaining portals over mission, starting from the first mission.
  • Remainder at the end will add all remaining portals to the last mission.

Auto add a passphrase

  • Do not add
  • On every first mission portal
  • On every last mission portal

The default question is "What mission number is this?", with a numeric answer.

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